Kare PMS


Administer Your Pharmacy Virtually!

Kare PMS will save you time and money whether you are beginning a new telepharmacy or switching from another program. We have what you need, whether you need a whole telepharmacy or specific virtual pharmacy administration tools.

Get Ready to Dive

TelePharmacy For All

We provide the tools to help increase your pharmacy’s efficiency and effectiveness by leveraging staff more efficiently, streamlining and automating operations, and decreasing clutter, whether you want to check prescriptions digitally, perform consultations remotely, or run a full telepharmacy.


Experience the simplicity and user-friendliness of Kare PMS Telepharmacy Module, designed with an intuitive interface that makes it easy for pharmacists to seamlessly integrate telepharmacy services into their workflow, enhancing patient care and convenience effortlessly. Say goodbye to complexity and embrace the ease.


Trust in the utmost security for telepharmacy operations with Kare PMS SSL Secured Telepharmacy Module, providing end-to-end encryption to safeguard sensitive patient data and ensuring secure communication between pharmacists and patients for a seamless and protected telehealth experience.

HIPA Compliant

Experience secure and confidential telepharmacy services with peace of mind, as Kare PMS Telepharmacy Module ensures 100% compliance with the stringent HIPAA regulations. Rest assured that patient data and interactions are safeguarded, providing a seamless and confidential healthcare experience for both pharmacy & client.


We can assist you whether you need to digitally verify prescriptions at a single or several sites, counsel patients remotely, or operate a full telepharmacy.

Virtual RPH Consulting​

Patients can be consulted remotely by pharmacists through a secure video conversation. Other pharmacists assisting remotely can help balance patient consultation workloads.

Virtual RPH Verification

Kare PMS enables pharmacists to electronically verify prescriptions by employing images captured by staff at each stage of the fill process. This can be done locally or remotely.

Virtual Tech Verification

Enhance medication safety with virtual product verification in Kare PMS Pharmacy Management Software's Telepharmacy Module, empowering pharmacists to remotely verify prescriptions and deliver top-notch patient care.

Complete Telepharmacy​

Experience a comprehensive telepharmacy solution with Kare PMS Pharmacy Management Software's Telepharmacy Module, empowering pharmacies to deliver seamless virtual healthcare services with enhanced efficiency and satisfaction.