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Want to open a Pharmacy?

But no idea, where to start from?​

We've outlined these stages to help you get ready for the journey because there are many factors to take into account when opening your own pharmacy. Following a brief review of a few frequently asked topics, we'll dive into our comprehensive step-by-step tutorial on Open a Pharmacy.

Research, Planning & Consultation:

Planning is the Pillar to every business.
To establish your own business, you need to conduct adequate research and create a comprehensive plan. Sadly, there is no way to predict whether your investment will be profitable. It is your obligation to make sure that your pharmacy will be successful and advantageous to the neighborhood. Those that are motivated to do their homework consider a number of success markers:
  • Create a powerful business plan.
  • Work on your Financial Projections.
  • Market & Niche Research.
  • Location & Positioning.
  • Consult with Advisors & Mentors i.e., Industry Leaders, Legal Counsel, Financial Advisors, Buying Houses, Insurances etc.

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Accounting, Legal, Operational & Business Capital Requirements:

Legal compliance is the process or procedure to ensure that an organization follows relevant laws, regulations and business rules.

The following broad recommendations will help to maintain smooth operations even though legal requirements will differ depending on the state and the business structure. Visit Harbor Compliance Pharmacy Licensing or look up the requirements from the pharmacy board in your state for more information. Learning about legal regulations is a crucial part of learning how to operate a pharmacy, and you want to make sure that everything is set up correctly before you start doing business, such as:

  • Licenses
  • Taxes
  • Insurances
  • Health Plan Agreements
  • Business Bank Account
  • Legal & Compliance
According to Entrepreneur, the sort of business structure you select for your pharmacy will depend on your desired level of legal liability, tax liability, and how much you are ready to spend on ongoing formation and management fees. Your pharmacy could fall under one of the following four categories:
  • Sole Proprietorship
  • General Partnership
  • Corporation (‘S’)
  • Corporation (‘C’)
  • Limited Liability Company (LLC)

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Design & Employees:

I needed independent software that could perform a little bit of everything because I knew I would eventually get into Tele-Pharmacy & Digital Modal, and that is how I found KARE POS  – Miral Patel (PIC/Founder – Curlew Pharmacy)

Design Your Store: Choosing the right location for your company and designing the interior are both crucial decisions. Depending on where you decide to build, you can have a lot of design freedom or none at all.

Workflow: A Pharmacy’s workflow defines if it is going to be long run or short span success. Workflow is often a backbone of the pharmacy; a precise workflow can ease the things out. Giant chain pharmacies such as Walgreens, Kroger, CVS etc. they all have a pre-defined workflow which is followed by the entire staff at various locations without question and they keep an eye over the market trend to improve their workflow, time to time. 

  • Remember any additional services you might need room for, like a drive-through window, pickup counter etc. 
  • Give each of the workstations in your process a spot. Including the POS Register.
  • Make sure your workers can comfortably operate behind the counter while maintaining easy access to everything.
  • Eliminate any steps from the workflow that aren’t necessary.

Frontend & Ease: Make a universal design to take it a step farther. This method makes a space that can be utilised to the fullest extent by the widest range of people conceivable. The least restrictive choice for each component was selected in order to avoid the requirement for any specialized modifications. The most advantageous area will be provided for you by designing your store with universal accessibility in mind, ensuring that none of your consumers are left out.

  • Make the pharmacy counter’s frontend experience, one that encourages impulse buys and welcomes customers.
  • Create a layout that complies with the ADA.
  • Visit different pharmacies and see how the front-end merchandise is organized, how customers move the aisles, and how window and aisle displays are used.
  • Provide a welcoming environment with a location that is easy to navigate for your consumers to feel like home.

Hire, Train & Empower: You can avoid a high turnover rate and keep your staff by choosing and developing the ideal team from the beginning. Create an employee handbook that details both job descriptions and the principles, guidelines, and practices of your pharmacy. Starting from scratch gives you the exciting opportunity to establish your own corporate culture. People who will flourish in that culture must be found. Look for applicants who share your beliefs and enthusiasm for independent pharmacies in addition to their initial qualifications. These individuals engage the neighborhood and become devoted patrons, which is what makes your store successful. The amount of employees you hire will depend on the size of your pharmacy. You must, at the very least, staff your store with a licensed pharmacist and technician. You might choose to hire more than one of each at first or later.

After choosing your team, guide them through a thorough onboarding process that provides a precise work hierarchy. To ensure that your workforce is always occupied, make sure to mention any ongoing chores that can be completed once the primary work is done. Remember that training is a continuous process. To keep current, you should always be training your team and updating their abilities. 

Your employees will feel appreciated and receive feedback on how to perform better if you take the time for open, one-on-one discussion regarding each person’s performance. Your team will be empowered to a great extent if you can build trust with them and provide a setting where they feel comfortable asking questions. Instead of the conventional annual evaluation, which lacks feedback, continuous performance management is a smart strategy to take into consideration. By giving them challenges and rewards, you may increase employee motivation. If they were selected to be a member of your team, they will be motivated to truly change the community. The appropriate values will be instilled, and your team will be prepared for success if you maintain a supportive work environment that fosters growth.

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Supplies & Sales:

I believe that community pharmacies are beginning to experience a revival, and Kare POS fits the bill for what we need in a software vendor—someone who has no restrictions on what they can do to assist us. – Pat Patel (PIC/Founder – Flagler Pharmacy)

Supplies & Wholesalers: Establishing your own pharmacy is similar to purchasing your first home in that you must get all the furnishings once you make the purchase. The possibilities for your pharmacy will be better and your life will be easier if you connect with the proper partners and services. This can sound overwhelming. 

Your profitability will be directly impacted by your relationship with your distributor. A consistent, dependable inventory can be achieved by developing a strong relationship. Consider a wholesaler’s closeness to your store, shipping timetables, and billing cycles while making your decision. Cost, customer service, products offered for sale, and any discounts or incentives they may provide are additional aspects to take into account. When you become a member of a PSAO, they usually offer advice and contracting services to assist you in choosing a wholesaler that best suits your pharmacy’s requirements.

A pharmacy could occasionally need to rely on several distributors. This can be a result of product availability or pricing adjustments. Using Kare POS, the program is able to compare providers automatically and handle inventory orders based on the most recent information.

Sales & Marketing: No matter how little the budget for a small business is, a line must be set aside for marketing. Customers must trust you in order to become loyal, but how can they accomplish that if they are unaware of your existence? Your marketing effort will gradually increase over time, but there are a few crucial areas to start considering right away:

  • Digital Presence: You may find out more about the company by visiting their website. Most people start searching online right away for a website with further details. Having a website is essential for competing successfully in the market nowadays. Once more, this might start out quite simply and gradually grow along with your expanding business. You might also take into account using social networking websites like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Your pharmacy’s credibility and outreach potential will be established by spreading the word and developing a brand identity. Make certain that your branding is consistent and recognised across all platforms.
  • Value Building: You already have the potential for a niche value as an independent pharmacy, which can help you stand out from the standard chain pharmacies. Its value, however, has no value if no one knows about it. Many people are oblivious to the special benefits that a neighbourhood pharmacy can provide them. You must evaluate your local competitors right away and set your pharmacy apart from the rest with unique offerings. Then let others know about your services; don’t be ashamed of your pride in your work! Make it a point to emphasise your unique style as well. Establishing enduring connections with your clients will increase their loyalty and enable you to provide better services.
  • Rapport Building: Although community involvement is essential for launching an independent pharmacy, paid promotion is also crucial. Establish connections with local professionals and independent enterprises in the healthcare industry. It’s a good idea to get a second opinion if you have any doubts about the validity of the information presented. Look for chances to join in neighbourhood celebrations and meet prospective clients. You should think about participating in local government boards or joining pharmacies.
  • Discounts & Freebies: Incentives are a terrific approach to convert prospective consumers into loyal ones once you have established your worth to them. Providing discounts, creating a referral rewards programme, and providing free routine health exams are all ways your pharmacy may show clients you care while still expanding your business. Referrals will increase your brand’s visibility and client base, while free screenings might direct users to fill any subsequent prescriptions at your pharmacy. Your opportunity to impress them is now! Use these suggestions as a starting point to develop the most effective marketing strategy for your pharmacy since each store will have a different approach. 

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Finally; “The Opening”:

Keep in mind: What distinguishes your pharmacy? What can you provide for your neighborhoods? While publicizing your opening.

The Soft Opening: You’ve spent countless hours organizing and getting ready, and now it’s time to open your doors! Do a soft opening with a small number of consumers around a month before your scheduled opening. There will unavoidably be snags when starting your pharmacy. Soft openings give personnel a chance to get used to their routines and make sure everything is running well. With soft openings, you can deal with hiccups right away with a small number of patients rather than putting off a growing number of clients. You can concentrate on small details and last-minute work at this time to ensure that your grand opening is successful and polished. Make sure you let people know the date of the grand opening as you get ready for the big day. Moreover, work on establishing connections with nearby companies and possible clients so you have a network before opening your doors.

Keep in mind: What distinguishes your pharmacy? What can you provide for your neighborhoods? While publicizing your opening.

Finally; “The Grand Opening”: For you and your staff, the first day that your pharmacy is open for business is exhilarating. Make today interesting for your brand-new clients as well! Create enjoyable events so that everyone in your neighborhood may learn more about your new company.

  • At inauguration, invite someone special,  motivating, who manages to create an impact, as well as the neighborhood and media.
  • Organize a nice and tasty lunch for each and every one present over there to create an impact. 
  • Invite a local band, artist, magicians or buskers to entertain people throughout the event.
  • Offer price, giveaways, discounts coupons and free health screenings etc. 

Make every effort to draw in your target audience and demonstrate your presence in the neighborhood. As first impressions last, this is your pharmacy’s first opportunity to establish enduring bonds with the people in your community.

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Ready to open a Pharmacy?

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Is Pharmacy a Good Investment?

Having worked with prospective pharmacy buyers for decades, Ollin Sykes understands how to improve the value of a pharmacy. In this video he talks about what makes a pharmacy a good investment. In addition, he gives some steps to take when buying a pharmacy to improve your margins.

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Frequently Asked Questions.

Although not entirely untrue, there are undoubtedly certain traits of a prosperous pharmacy owner. However, the positive response is that it can be anyone who has a strong work ethic and ambition. Remember that pharmacy owners are more than just pharmacists; they also serve as company operators. Although being an owner is really rewarding, you don’t want to later regret changing your role. Being able to go through the first year of ownership stress is a quality that all new business owners must have because it is the hardest phase of starting a store. Even if business may be sluggish, thousands of dollars are still leaving your bank account each month. The fear of the risk that comes with ownership is something that not everyone can handle.

As you may expect, there are a plethora of variables – area, store location, store kind, etc. – that influence this estimate. From as low as $250,000 to as much as $1,800,000 in costs can be expected. On average, start-up expenses should be between $400,000 and $600,000.

Action-oriented tasks can be completed in as little as six months, but a thorough planning phase requires a significant amount of time and effort. Anticipate the entire process to take between one and two years, from data collection to grand opening.

A pharmacy’s revenues come from prescription drugs, over-the-counter products, vitamins, cosmetics, groceries, and other merchandise. A typical independent pharmacy generates more than 90% of its revenues from prescriptions.