Kare PMS

Smart Delivery

Pharmacy Centric Secure Android App!​

Our Smart Delivery technology makes it simple and effective to display, manage, and deliver your clients’ prescriptions. It is a targeted and secure distribution system that controls information, boosts productivity, and lowers operational costs.

Features & Benefits

The Smart Delivery pharmacy solution not only provides paper delivery, but also electronic delivery for any Android-based product. The delivery tablets can receive and send delivery data and signatures to the program via a hard-wire connection or your wireless network.

When a customer signs for a delivery, they may see both Rx and OTC items, and the system records the date/time stamp along with the signature. You can switch between views to see what deliveries the driver needs to accomplish, as well as a summary of what has been delivered and what delivery efforts were unsuccessful.

Streamline your pharmaceutical needs with our cutting-edge Android Delivery application, connecting you to a wide network of pharmacies across the USA. Enjoy fast, convenient, and secure medication deliveries right to your doorstep, ensuring your well-being is just a tap away.

Experience the seamless user journey with our Smart Delivery application, thoughtfully designed to be intuitive and user-friendly. Effortlessly navigate through medication orders, tracking deliveries, and managing prescriptions, making your pharmacy experience hassle-free and efficient.

Stay informed and in control with comprehensive reports and logs in our Smart Delivery application. Easily access detailed order histories, delivery statuses, and prescription records, empowering you to manage your healthcare with confidence and transparency.

Empower your delivery drivers with the advanced tools and capabilities of our Android delivery application. The delivery driver master feature ensures efficient route planning, real-time updates, and seamless communication, enhancing their performance and providing customers with a reliable and delightful delivery experience.

Enjoy the utmost convenience with our Android delivery application, offering multiple payment options seamlessly integrated with Kare PMS Pharmacy Management Software. From credit cards to mobile wallets, customers in the USA can securely choose their preferred payment method, making every transaction hassle-free and tailored to their needs.

Experience unparalleled financial accuracy with our Smart Delivery application, seamlessly integrated with Kare PMS Pharmacy Management Software. Real-time payment reconciliation ensures precise and efficient transaction tracking, streamlining financial operations and offering complete peace of mind for both the pharmacy and its customers in the USA.

Never miss a beat with our Android delivery application's offline mode, backed by Kare PMS Pharmacy Management Software. Even in areas with limited connectivity, delivery drivers in the USA can continue to access critical information, update order statuses, and ensure smooth operations, guaranteeing uninterrupted service for patients.

Embrace the power of seamless connectivity with our Android delivery application's online mode, integrated with Kare PMS Pharmacy Management Software. With real-time updates, tracking, and communication, pharmacies in the USA can efficiently manage deliveries, optimize routes, and provide customers with a superior and transparent experience.

Make your patients Smile.

The Smart Delivery App allows drivers to design the most efficient route, receive payments and signatures, and process restricted substance information all from a smartphone or tablet. The transactions are automatically linked to your AdvancedRx Pharmacy Software once you return to the pharmacy.