Kare PMS

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Welcome to the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) page for KARE PMS , the leading Integrated Pharmacy Management Software brought to you by Healthlink Solutions LLC. Here, we address the most common queries to provide you with comprehensive information about our innovative software solution. If you have any additional questions or need further assistance, our dedicated customer support team is ready to help.

General Questions

Q1: What is KARE PMS Pharmacy Management Software?

KARE PMS is a state-of-the-art pharmacy management software designed to streamline pharmacy operations, enhance patient care, and optimize overall efficiency for pharmacies of all sizes.

Q2: How can KARE PMS benefit my pharmacy?

KARE PMS offers a range of features, including prescription management, inventory control, patient data security, and compliance support, to help you run your pharmacy more efficiently and profitably.

Q3: Is KARE PMS customizable to suit my pharmacy's unique needs?

Yes, KARE PMS is fully customizable, allowing you to tailor the software to meet the specific requirements of your pharmacy.

Q4: Does KARE PMS support multi-store management?

Absolutely! KARE PMS enables seamless management of multiple pharmacy locations from a centralized system.

Q5: Can I track medication inventory levels with KARE PMS?

Yes, KARE PMS provides robust inventory management tools, helping you maintain optimal stock levels and reduce wastage.

RX & e-Prescribing

Q6: How does KARE PMS help in managing prescription orders?

KARE PMS simplifies prescription processing, enabling you to efficiently manage, fill, and track prescription orders.

Q7: Does KARE PMS offer e-Prescribing integration?

Yes, KARE PMS seamlessly integrates with e-Prescribing systems, facilitating electronic transmission of prescriptions between healthcare providers and your pharmacy.

Q8: Can I securely manage patient data with KARE PMS?

Absolutely! KARE PMS adheres to stringent data security measures, ensuring the confidentiality and privacy of patient information.

Q9: Is KARE PMS compliant with HIPAA and other pharmacy laws?

Yes, KARE PMS is fully compliant with HIPAA and other relevant pharmacy laws, providing peace of mind for secure data handling.

Q10: Can I process refill requests through KARE PMS?

Yes, KARE PMS streamlines the refill process, allowing you to efficiently manage refill requests and communications with patients and prescribers.

Integration & Support

Q11: Can I import and export data in KARE PMS?

Yes, KARE PMS supports data import and export functionalities, allowing easy integration with other systems and seamless data transfer.

Q12: Does KARE PMS offer reporting and analytics features?

Yes, KARE PMS provides robust reporting and analytics tools to help you gain valuable insights into your pharmacy’s performance and make informed decisions.

Q13: How can I handle third-party billing with KARE PMS?

KARE PMS offers seamless third-party billing integration, simplifying the billing process and reducing errors.

Q14: Is there a mobile app available for KARE PMS?

Yes, KARE PMS offers a user-friendly mobile app that enables you to access key pharmacy data and functions on the go.

Q15: Can I integrate KARE PMS with other pharmacy software or tools?

KARE PMS supports integration with various pharmacy-related software and tools, enhancing the overall efficiency of your operations.

Training & Security

Q16: Does Kare PMS provide training for new users?

Yes, we offer comprehensive training and onboarding assistance to ensure a smooth transition to Kare PMS.

Q17: What security measures does Kare PMS have in place?

Kare PMS employs advanced security protocols, including data encryption and access controls, to safeguard your pharmacy’s sensitive information.

Q18: How often are updates and enhancements released for Kare PMS?

We regularly release updates and enhancements to Kare PMS, ensuring that you always have access to the latest features and improvements.

Q19: Can I process insurance claims through Kare PMS?

Yes, Kare PMS enables seamless insurance claim processing, simplifying the reimbursement process for both your pharmacy and patients.

Q20: Does Kare PMS have a drug interaction checking feature?

Yes, Kare PMS includes a powerful drug interaction checking feature to help you identify potential drug interactions and ensure patient safety.

Patient Care & Services

Q21: How does KARE PMS handle expired medications?

KARE PMS provides alerts and notifications to help you manage and remove expired medications from your inventory, maintaining medication safety.

Q22: Can I generate and manage purchase orders with KARE PMS?

Yes, KARE POS offers efficient purchase order generation and management, simplifying the ordering process for your pharmacy.

Q23: Is there a patient communication feature in KARE PMS?

Yes, KARE PMS facilitates seamless patient communication through SMS and email notifications, improving engagement and adherence.

Q24: Does KARE PMS offer a patient portal for online access?

Yes, KARE PMS offers a patient portal, allowing patients to view their prescriptions, request refills, and access personalized health information.

Q25: Can I manage pharmacy staff schedules with KARE PMS?

KARE PMS includes a staff scheduling feature to help you efficiently manage your team’s schedules and optimize workflow.

Advanced Features

Q26: Does KARE PMS support compounding and specialty pharmacy services?

Yes, KARE PMS caters to compounding and specialty pharmacies with specialized features and tools to meet unique needs.

Q27: Can I manage vaccines and immunizations through KARE PMS?

Yes, KARE PMS offers vaccine and immunization management, assisting you in efficiently tracking and administering vaccinations.

Q28: How can KARE PMS assist in medication synchronization?

KARE PMS streamlines medication synchronization programs, ensuring patients receive their medications simultaneously, enhancing adherence.

Q29: Can I set up auto-fill prescriptions with KARE PMS?

Yes, KARE PMS allows you to set up auto-fill prescriptions for patients on chronic medications, improving medication adherence.

Q30: How does KARE PMS handle medication therapy management (MTM)?

KARE PMS offers medication therapy management features, enabling pharmacists to conduct MTM services for patient safety and improved outcomes.

Backup & Hardware

Q31: Is there a process for data backup and recovery in Kare PMS?

Yes, Kare POS incorporates robust data backup and recovery measures to protect your pharmacy’s information.

Q32: Can I integrate my pharmacy's point-of-sale system with Kare POS?

Yes, Kare POS seamlessly integrates with point-of-sale systems, streamlining the sales and transaction process.

Q33: Does Kare POS offer barcode scanning functionality?

Yes, Kare POS supports barcode scanning, enhancing medication dispensing accuracy and efficiency.

Q34: Can I process and track returns and credits with Kare POS?

Yes, Kare POS includes a returns and credits management feature, making the process more efficient and reducing discrepancies.

Q35: How does Kare POS assist with medication adherence programs?

Kare POS helps you implement and manage medication adherence programs, improving patient outcomes and adherence rates.

Data & Reporting

Q36: Can I create custom workflows and reminders in Kare PMS?

Yes, Kare PMS allows you to create personalized workflows and reminders to match your pharmacy’s unique processes.

Q37: Does Kare PMS support electronic health record (EHR) systems?

Yes, Kare PMS integrates with electronic health record (EHR) systems, ensuring seamless exchange of patient information.

Q38: How can Kare PMS help me with pharmacy performance analysis?

Kare PMS offers comprehensive reporting and analytics tools, enabling you to analyze pharmacy performance and identify areas for improvement.

Q39: Does Kare PMS offer electronic signature capture for prescriptions?

Yes, Kare PMS provides electronic signature capture, promoting paperless and secure prescription processing.

Q40: Can I manage 340B drug pricing programs with Kare PMS?

Yes, Kare PMS supports 340B drug pricing programs, simplifying compliance and reporting requirements.

Finally, Installation and Setup

Q41: How long does it take to implement Kare PMS in my pharmacy?

The implementation time for Kare PMS varies based on the size and complexity of your pharmacy. Our team will work closely with you to ensure a smooth and timely setup.

Q42: What hardware and system requirements are needed for Kare PMS?

Kare PMS is designed to be compatible with standard hardware configurations. Detailed system requirements will be provided during the onboarding process.

Q43: Is training provided during the implementation of Kare PMS?

Yes, we offer comprehensive training to ensure your pharmacy staff is proficient in using Kare PMS effectively.

Q44: Can I import existing data from my current pharmacy management software to Kare PMS?

Yes, Kare PMS supports data import from various formats, making it easier to migrate your existing data.

Q45: Is on-site support available during implementation and setup?

Healthlink Solutions LLC provides remote support during the implementation process. Our team is available to assist you with any questions or concerns.