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Smart Refill

One Tap Refill Solution for your Patients!​

An integrated new smart refill solution technology enables patients to contact with pharmacies via a two-way interactive mobile application that operates on a variety of Android smartphones. It meets consumer refill needs, making prescription filling more convenient and easy. It also gives you the ability, flexibility, dependability, and efficiency in refilling prescriptions.

Call it Smart, Call it Refill!

Give your patients a reliable, secure and easy-to-use free of cost Smart Refill Portal to manage their refill, sitting at their couch at home. 

Smart Refill Portal is not only cleverly designed, but it is also intelligent web portal that correctly manages online requests for prescription refills from patients. Smart refill for prescription renewal or refill allows patients to request a drug by mobile device rather than calling or visiting their healthcare provider. To put it simply, smart refill is a one-stop shop for all of your prescription refill needs.

Every pharmacy wants to make the process of managing prescriptions more easy and efficient for their customers, thus keeping the needs of all those pharmacies this advanced smart refill solution has been engineered allowing patients to refill their prescription just with a click. This electronic solution brings together the features of prescription management and ordering medicines on the go. Smart refill pharmacy software eliminates the confusion and inefficiency of paper prescriptions and gives you the flexibility to order refill anytime, anywhere. Smart refill also helps you to improve workflow efficiency and customer service.


How Smart Refill Can Help Your Patients?

Secure Web Portal

Secure Android App

One Tap Solutions

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